The England Cricket Board will decide this week whether Australia’s Ashes series will go ahead or not. Friends, in the second edition of the World Test Championship 2021-23, the 5 Test series between England and Australia is going to start in Brisbane from 8 December 2021. Now because of the strictness of the Coronavirus protocol in Australia, the England Cricket Board will decide whether to go ahead with the Ashes series or not. Because according to the International Cricket Council, a series of five Test matches between the two countries is to be played from 8 December to 18 January 2022.

The team led by Joe Root is going to play the Ashes series (5 Test Match Series) in Brisbane from 8 December. Further matches of the series will be held in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. The England Cricket Board will meet this week to decide whether England’s tour of Australia for the Ashes series will go ahead.

The ECB said on Monday that it is in regular and positive dialogue with the Australian Cricket Board. The ECB said in its statement that we are ensuring that this tour goes ahead with conditions to perform at its best, keeping in mind the health of the players and the management.

According to the board, England players face months of travel and living in a biosecure bubble. Apart from this, the T20 World Cup is starting from 17 October before the Ashes series in December-January. In such a situation, keeping in mind the health of the players, the tour of Australia will be decided.

The issue of players’ well-being was brought into sharp focus in July when it was announced that star England all-rounder Ben Stokes would take an indefinite break from cricket to “prioritize” his mental health.

World Test Championship 2021-23 

England vs Australia (Ashes Series) Schedule 

1st Test: 8–12 December 2021 at Brisbane 

2nd Test: 16–20 December 2021 at Adelaide

3rd Test: 26–30 December 2021 at Melbourne

4th Test: 5–9 January 2022 at Sydney

5th Test: 14–18 January 2022 at Perth

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