Top 3 Wicket-Keepers in the IPL

Top 3 Wicket-Keepers in the IPL- List of Most Wicket-Keeper in Indian Premier League 

Wicket-keeper batsman has the most important role in any cricket team, they are integral to the team playing various roles. From taking catches and dismissing players to guiding bowlers to bat as well as bowl, he has to be omnipresent and for him a bad day at the office affects the entire team. Let’s take a look at the best wicket-keeper of this year’s Indian Premier League.

1. MS Dhoni – Chennai Super Kings 

Captain Cool- Arguably the greatest cricket captain of recent times, MS, fondly known as Mahi, set the standards of being a wicket-keeper. From his light hands to being the bowler’s best friend and one of the best finishing batsmen ever, he has done it and won it all as both a player and captain.

The 40-year-old captain of Chennai Super Kings, the 4-time winner of the IPL trophy, has so far taken 123 catches and 38 stumpings, each being the most. Along with this he is known as the bowler’s best friend to guide the batsman to dismissals. Even though he has crossed his pinnacle as a batsman, he is still one of the best wicket-keepers of his age.

2. Rishabh Pant – Delhi Capitals

Indian cricket team Batsman Rishabh Pant, set to take over as captain cool, is also one of the most wicket-keepers in IPL. He has done exceptionally well in batting and wicket keeping.

Making news every other day to save the Indian cricket team across all formats, the wicket-keeper captain of Delhi Capitals is not here to attend but to take over. He is certainly one of the best players behind the wicket at the moment, being a great mentor to the fast arm and bowlers. At just 24, he is destined for greatness in IPL with 53 catches and 14 stampings so far and many more to go. The team he captained in his last outing lost the IPL final against his Indian cricket team predecessor MSD, let’s see if he will be able to take his team completely and online IPL betting websites show that DC’s prediction. It was wrong to do Will not be able to perform so well this year.

3. Jos Buttler – Rajasthan Royals

Jos Buttler, the vice-captain of the white ball for the national team and Rajasthan Royals is one of the best wicket-keepers in the world. Though he has not been a frequent wicketkeeper for Rajasthan Royals or any IPL team, he is still one of the best.

The Englishman is also known to have a sharp hand behind the stumps and can dive well for catches and save runs. Apart from this, he is also a prolific batsman and has also been their savior to Rajasthan Royals when they need it. Also known for his calm figure, he is able to remain calm and makes practical calls to the bowlers to improve the batsman on strike.

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