Top 5 World's Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History

Here you will see a list of the fastest bowlers in history which includes the bowling records of 2021. After the Asia Cup was won by India, after defeating Bangladesh in the UAE.

As we all know Bowling is a very important part of cricket and also a famous & widely played game in the world. In the history of Cricket, there are lots of fast, aggressive, and famous bowlers. In Bowling, it is difficult to surpass the 90 MPH barrier, and it can make serious strain on the body. Who made their records by their speed?

Furthermore, we had highlighted the Top 5 World’s Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History of all time. These are the Top 05 bowlers with the FASTEST records, and you can’t deny that!

Top 5 World’s Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History

Player Name Bowling Speed (kph) Wickets Country
Shoaib Akhtar 161.3 (100.2 mph) ODI – 247, T20I – 19, Test – 178 Pakistan
Shaun Tait 161.1 (100.1 mph) ODI – 62, T20I – 28, Test – 5 Australia
Brett Lee 161.1 (100.1 mph) ODI – 380, T20I- 28, Test – 310 Australia
Jeff Thomson 160.6 (99.8 mph) ODI – 55, T20I- 200 Australia
Mitchell Starc 160.4 (99.7 mph) ODI – 195, T20I- 60, Test – 255 Australia

List of Top Five Fastest Bowlers of Cricket History of all Time

Shoaib Akhtar – He is a Former Pakistani right arm “very Fast Bowler” worldwide. Shoaib is also known by his name “Rawalpindi Express”. He represented Pakistan Team in all set forms of the game. In the 2003 ICC World Cup, Akhtar set a world record with their fastest delivery of 161.3 km/h (100.2 mph) against England. He made a record twice in his career by delivering the fastest bowling of 100mph.

Shoaib Akhtar

Shaun Tait – He is a Right-Arm Fast Bowler representing Australian National Cricket Team. By making records he made his name in the Top 5 World’s Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History. Shaun Tait bowled his fastest delivery of 161.1 kmph against England. Mostly, he is known for his ODI performances and took 62 wickets in his ODI career from 2005-to 2016.

Shaun Tait

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Brett Lee – In Australian Cricket History Brett Lee is a Former Cricketer and the fastest Australian bowler. And also the 2nd fastest bowler of all time in cricket history. In 2005 at Napier, Brett Lee set a record for the fastest delivery of 161.1 kmph (100.1 mph) against New Zealand (NZ).

Brett Lee had an amazing career record of 487 First-Class Cricket, 280 ODI Wickets & 310 Test Wickets. Along with being the fastest Australian bowler of all time, He also earned his fame for being the best fielder.

Brett Lee

Jeff Thomson – Currently, Jeff Thomson holds the 3rd Position in the list of fastest bowlers in the history of all time. Jeff Thomson is a Former Australian right-arm fast. In his era, Thomson was also the fastest bowler with delivery of 160.6 kmph against the West Indies in Perth (1975).

In his career, jeff took 200 wickets in test matches and in ODIs 55 wickets between 1972-1985. Along with Dennis Lillee’s partnership, he earned the fame of being the most fearsome attack in test cricket.

Jeff Thomson

Mitchell Starc – Mitchell Starc is a left-arm fastest bowler of all time. By making incredible performance at Western Australian Cricket Association during the 3rd day of the second test b/w New Zealand & Australia. He made his 4th Position in the Top 5 World’s Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History. He achieved the fastest delivery at 160.4 kmph.

In 2015, Mitchell helped Australia to lift the ICC Cricket World Cup. Since 2010, He took 140 ODI wickets, 182 test wickets and in his professional career.

Mitchell Starc

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