Women’s World Cup Winner List

Women’s World Cup Winner List – Check ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup Winners List Since 1973 

Hello guys, we are updating the list of Winners of ICC Women’s WC from 1973 to 2017. The International Cricket Council organizes the Women’s ODI Cricket World Cup every four years. This time the ICC is organizing the Women’s One Day International World Cup from 3

04 March to 03 April 2022. Along with men’s cricket, women’s cricket is also dominated all over the world. 

The first Women’s ODI World Cup was held in 1973, in which England won the title by defeating Australia. Today in this article we will talk about the Women’s World Cup Winner List that has been won to date. There have been 11 editions of this tournament so far, out of which Australia has won the most.

Now the 22nd edition of the ICC Women’s World Cup is being played in New Zealand. 8 teams are participating in this tournament. This tournament of a total of 31 games has started on March 4. The final date of the Women’s World Cup 2022 will be on 03 April 2022. That’s why our team is telling about the winners and runners-up of the Women’s World Cup held till date.

ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup Winners List Since 1973 

The eleven World Cups played so far have been held in five countries, with India and England hosting the event three times. Australia is the most successful team, having won six titles and failed to make the final on only three occasions. England (four titles) and New Zealand (one title) are the only other teams to have won the competition, while India (twice) and West Indies (once) have reached the final without a win. Now in the below table, you can see the list of Winners of Women’s World Cup History- 

Women’s World Cup Winner List

Women’s World Cup year  Winner 
1973 England 
1978 Australia 
1982 Australia 
1988 Australia 
1993 England 
1997 Australia 
2000 New Zealand 
2005 Australia 
2009 England 
2013 Australia 
2017 England 

ICC Women’s World Cup Winners-Runners-UP from 1973 to 2017 

The Women’s World Cup was the first ICC Tournament conducted by the International Women’s Cricket Council in 1973, two years before the Men’s World Cup. Both ICC and IWCC merged together in 2005 to jointly organize the Tournament and has since then has been a major success. 

The Women’s One Day International World Cup was started in the year 1973. Australia, England, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, West Indies, Pakistan, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Young England women’s team participate in this tournament of cricket. See 2022 Women’s World Cup 

Women’s World Cup Final Winners List Since 1973 

Year  Final Venue/ Host(s) Final 
Winners  Result Runners-up 
1973 No Final, England  England 

20 Points 

England won on Points  Australia 

17 Points 

1978 No Final, India  Australia 

6 Points 

Australia won on Points  England 

4 Points 

1982 Christchurch, New Zealand  Australia 

152/7 (59 Overs)

Australia won by 3 wickets  England 

151/5 (60 Overs)

1988 Melbourne, Australia  Australia 

129/2 (44.5 Overs)

Australia won by 8 wickets  England 

127/7 (60 Overs)

1993 London, England  England 

195/5 (60 Overs)

England won by 67 Runs  New Zealand 

128 (55.1 Overs)

1997 Kolkata, India  Australia 

165/5 (47.4 overs)

Australia won by 5 wickets  New Zealand 

167 (49.3 overs)

2000 Lincoln, New Zealand  New Zealand

184 (48.4 overs)

New Zealand won by 4 runs Australia

180 (49.1 overs)

2005 Centurion South Africa Australia

215/4 (50 overs)

Australia won by 98 runs India 

117 (46 overs)

2009 Sydney, Australia  England 

167/6 (46.1 overs)

England won by 4 wickets New Zealand 

166 (47.2 overs)

2013 Mumbai, India  Australia 

259/7 (50 Overs)

Australia won by 114 Runs  West Indies 

145 (43.1 Overs)

2017 London, England  England 

228/7 (50 Overs)

England won by 9 Runs  India 

219 (48.4 Overs)

ICC Women’s WC Winners History from 1973 to 2017 

Women’s One-Day Cricket World Cup 1973 – England 

The England women’s cricket team is the first champion of the One Day International World Cup. There was no final in this tournament and the winner and runner-up were declared on the basis of points. In the first Women’s World Cup held in England in 1973, 60 overs were scheduled. The home team achieved a 92-run victory over Australia to be crowned as champions.

1978 Women’s WC Winner- Australia 

Four teams Australia, England, New Zealand and India participated in the 1978 World Cup. The tournament was hosted by India and the final of the World Cup was held in Kolkata. The Aussies were quite impressive with an 8-wicket win over their arch-rivals England

1982 Women’s World Cup Winner- Australia 

The 1982 Women’s World Cup was hosted by New Zealand. This time too Australia won the title by defeating England by 3 wickets in the final. Playing first, England set a target of 151 runs in 60 overs. In response, the Australian team scored 152 runs in 59 overs for the loss of 7 wickets.

1988 Women’s WC Winner – Australia 

The Australian cricket team has won the Women’s World Cup title three times in a row (1978, 1982 and 1988). Defeated England in the final three times and became the champion. In 1988, England, batting first, set a target of 127/7. In reply, Australia chased down the target in 44.5 overs and scored 129 for 2 wickets.

1993 Women’s World Cup Winner- England 

This time England and New Zealand faced each other in the final of the Women’s One Day International World Cup. England won the title for the second time by defeating New Zealand by 67 runs. In this edition, England opener Janette Brittin became the first batsman to score the highest 1000 runs.

1997 Women’s WC Winner- Australia 

A record number of 11 Team Participated in this tournament and introduced 50 overs for the first time in Women’s Cricket. The Australian team chased down a total of 164 runs to win another title in 1997. 

2000 Women’s World Cup Winner- New Zealand 

In this Cricket Tournament, there are 8 Teams Played and hosted by New Zealand in Lincolnshire and Christchurch. The home team secured their first-ever title by defending 185 and Beating Australia. 

2005 ICC Women’s World Cup Winner- Australia 

For the first time, the International Cricket Council (ICC) organized the Women’s One Day International World Cup. And for the first time, Team India reached the final of the Women’s World Cup. But Australia won the title again after defeating India by 98 runs.

2009 Women’s World Cup- England 

It was the first tournament organized by the International Cricket Council after the merger with the International Women’s Cricket Council. The England Women’s team chased down the target of 166 runs against the New Zealand Team. 

2013 Women’s World Cup winner- Australia 

India hosted this world cup. Australia won the title for the sixth time by defeating West Indies by 114 runs in the Women’s World Cup final played in Mumbai.

2017 England 

One of the most successful events which helped women’s cricket to grow in terms of advertisements sponsorships. The final was a thriller as well with the England team securing a victory against India by 8 Runs. Click here- Check women’s WC History 

ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup Winners List Since 1973 

We have tried to give useful information about the Full List of Women’s ODI Cricket World Cup Winners & Runners Up Year Wise here. If you want to get more details then ask by putting a comment here.

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